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University of Connecticut Payroll Department

Steps for Hiring Graduate Assistants in Non-Academic Departments

Non academic departments still maintain the ability to hire a graduate student in the capacity of a Graduate Assistant (GA) who is conducting research or teaching. The Graduate Assistantship must be in accordance with the graduate student’s academic plan established by their academic home department. The following details the steps for hiring in this capacity as well as where the responsibilities lie.
  1. Non-academic departments offering a Graduate Assistantship in research support and/or teaching must use the offer letter titled RA Non-academic Unit or TA Non-academic Unit. This offer letter references the student’s academic plan, and must also be signed by the graduate student’s academic advisor.
  2. This offer letter must also be signed by the Graduate Assistant as well as the Dean/Director/Department Head or designee of the non-academic hiring department.
  3. The offer letter should be provided to the academic home department once all required signatures have been obtained.
  4. The academic home department will be required to process the Graduate Assistantship in the Genesys system. The academic home department number (work location number) should be used along with the appropriate funding account supplied by the non-academic department.
  5. The Genesys screen print needs to be signed by the academic home department then forwarded to the non-academic department for the second signature.
  6. The non-academic department is still required to complete the Form I-9 and provide tax and direct deposit forms to the GA.
  7. The Genesys screen print, offer letter, Form I-9, tax forms, and the direct deposit form should be forwarded to the Payroll Department with appropriate signatures.
  8. Any change to the Graduate Assistantship will need to be coordinated between the two departments. For example percent of appointment or salary. Begin with step 1 above.