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University of Connecticut Payroll Department

Retirement and Defined Contribution Plans

Important Notice for employees contributing to 403(b) and 457 Defined Contiubtion Plans:

Employees who had their contributions stopped in 2015 because they met the IRS maximum annual contribution limit will have to restart their contributions in 2016. They will not be automatically restarted. For additional information on restarting your contribution(s) please visit Prudential's Defined Contribution Plan website or contact Prudential at (844) 505-7283.

State Employees Retirement System (SERS)

Teacher's Retirement System

Alternate Retirement Program - 401(A) Plan

University of Connecticut employees who elect the Alternate Retirement Program (ARP) as their retirement plan contribute five percent of their biweekly gross earnings to a retirement account. A matching contribution of eight percent is contributed by the State. Prudential is currently the State’s third-party ARP administrator. Employees may contact Prudential directly at 1-844-505-7283. For more information regarding investments, service options, education and enrollment in ARP, please follow the link below.
2016 $265,000
2015 $265,000
2014 $260,000

Defined Contribution Program - 403(b) & 457 Plans

The State of Connecticut offers defined contribution programs that enable employees to augment their retirement savings. Each plan is self-funded by employees through payroll deductions. For more information regarding investments, service options, education and enrollment in the 403(b) or 457 plans, please follow the links below. Please note that the UConn Payroll Department is not involved in the administration of the 403(b) and 457 plan programs

Annual Deferral Contribution Limits

There are annual limits to the amounts employees may contribute to their 403(b) and 457 plans. The Retirement and Benefits Services Division automatically stops defined contribution deductions when an employee is at risk of exceeding that year’s contribution limit. If you believe that your 403(b) or 457 deductions have been stopped prematurely, please contact the Retirement and Benefits Services Division at (860) 702-3543.
2016 $18,000 $6,000
2015 $18,000 $6,000
2014 $17,500 $5,500
2013 $17,500 $5,500
2012 $17,000 $5,500
2011 $16,500 $5,500
2010 $16,500 $5,500

Department ID (required field on certain forms)


Employee Record Numbers

Employees receive a record number of 000 when they first begin working for an agency of the State of Connecticut. A new record number (001, 002, etc.) is assigned each time an employee begins a new position on a different state payroll. Employees receiving earnings concurrently on multiple State payrolls (ex: Faculty members receiving special payroll payments during the summer) may indicate from which payroll they would prefer their deductions to be taken by indicating the appropriate record number. If you do not know your employee record number, please contact the Payroll Department at (860) 486-2423.